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60% of women with skin conditions actually suffer from PCOS

60% of women with skin conditions actually suffer from PCOS

PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it occurs in women. A Women with PCOS may show various symptoms like weight gain, fertility issue, missed or irregular periods, hair thinning or excessive facial hair growth (unwanted hair), acne, dark skin patches, depression, oily skin, and various other symptoms. All these issues in PCOS or PCOD are caused due to increased levels of androgen hormones.

Women with PCOS faces various skin issues, such as acne or pimples, skin tags, dark patches on skin, abnormal hair growth. PCOS also leads to acanthosis nigricans which is darkening of the skin which looks like purple or black in color in the underarm, collar areas of the neck, inner thighs, around lips, under eyes and forehead. In many women the PCOS causes excessive dry or oily skin.

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS or PCOD as commonly called, winter can be tough time for your skin. The cold air can be irritating and usually makes the skin dry. Let’s discuss some of the tips which can help minimize the effect of PCOS on the women skin:

1. Apply a good moisturiser

Dry skin causes too much of uneasiness during the winters. We can keep the skin irritation free by using a good and thick layer of moisturizer. You should apply moisturizer right after taking shower so that the cream will be absorbed in the skin when the pores are open. After each hand wash, you should apply hand creams. Women with sensitive skin should avoid use if fragrance-based moisturiser and instead should consider coconut oil or natural moisturizers.

2. Be careful about the Hot Water

When the temperatures drop, it always feels very exciting to take a hot shower. But be careful of the temperature of the water as the hot water will take out the natural oil from your skin. You should avoid taking shower, hot baths or hot tubs for a very long time and should keep the business very short or as required only.

3. Visit your dermatologist when needed

When normal skin rejuvenating tips don’t work for your skin if you have PCOS, do not forget to visit your dermatologist. If you have any of the following skin symptoms like itchy or irritating skin, cracked skin, excessive pimples, or unwanted facial hair growth suddenly, visit a qualified dermatologist for treatment. Sometimes the skin might be facing issues which are not just due to dry or oily skin. Sometimes a patient might be having other skin issues like Eczema, Psoriasis, or infections caused by fungus or bacteria etc. which needs complete medical attention and treatment.

4. Don’t neglect the Acne

If you are witnessing regular outbreak of pimples on your skin or face, you should start thinking of taking proper care of your skin hygiene. You can try oil-free facewash and soaps and cleanse your skin for any dead cells and clogged pores which also causes acne and pimples.

5. PCOS Symptoms management

Women with PCOS not only encounters dry and itchy skin or acne. There are some skin conditions which needs special attention and expert medical care. Conditions like skin tags or Acanthosis Nigricans, which is dark patches on various parts of the body occurs. These skin conditions in PCOS are caused due to insulin resistance. You should not neglect such conditions as sometimes they may lead to more serious issues than they appear. Expert consultations from a gynecologist expert in the PCOS management and dermatologist who can treat the skin conditions is very important.

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