Home Blog Common PCOS myths in case of PCOS by expert South Delhi Gynecologists
Common PCOS myths in case of PCOS by expert South Delhi Gynecologists

Common PCOS myths in case of PCOS by expert South Delhi Gynecologists

PCOS can be found in 20% of all healthy women globally. All women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) do not necessarily show PCOD ovaries on sonogram. PCOS has become one of the most common hormonal problems in women. Recent research shows that at least three out of 10 women are diagnosed with it, and six out of 10 diagnosed women are teenagers.

Some of the most common problems associated with PCOS are irregular periods, scanty menstrual flow, acne, excess body hair, weight gain, darkening of skin, along with Polycystic bulky ovaries (PCOD) on sonography and hormonal imbalance including high insulin resistance and excess of male hormones. It is a myth that PCOS happens only in young women in their early twenties or thirties. Infact PCOS can happen any time from the age of 18 till the peri-menopause age.

Some of the common myths around PCOS are -

  • PCOS can happen only in the young women i.e. in the 20s and 30s
  • Irregular periods and scanty period flow causes weight gain and PCOS
  • PCOS happens only in overweight women
  • All women with irregular periods have PCOS
  • Acnes are always due to PCOS
  • Women with PCOS have difficulty in conceiving
  • Medicines can cure PCOS: The doctor treats the symptoms of PCOS depending on the symptoms e.g, infertility or irregular periods. But these treatments don’t treat the root cause and hence are not curative medicines. PCOS is a lifestyle disease and the cure is obtained by regular exercises, dietary modifications, and weight loss.
  • Losing weight can completely cure PCOS
  • PCOS is not a serious disease and should not be taken seriously. This myth is very common and the most dangerous one.
  • Since PCOS is a lifestyle disease and it should be treated by maintaining a weight that is healthy for you as per the height, eating a healthy and balanced nutritional diet, getting adequate exercise, and sleeping well are ways to treat PCOS. Each person with PCOS shows different symptoms so the course of treatment will be unique depending on the patient. Consult an expert gynecologist in South Delhi to manage PCOS, they will examine and let you know the best course of action that will suit you.

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