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Are you using the birth control method correctly?

Are you using the birth control method correctly?

It's natural to think that if you're using birth control methods (contraception), you're protected against unwanted pregnancy. But according to studies, this isn't always the case. Almost half of the women using birth control measures like condoms, oral contraceptive pregnancy, i-pill, and IUCD had unwanted pregnancies even after using contraception because of a lack of knowledge regarding proper use, faulty use, and misconception about the traditional and modern methods of contraception. It is crucial in adolescent girls and young women.

Why does the birth control measure fail?

No method of fertility control is 100% effective. Most permanent methods of contraception techniques are considered only up to 98% to 99% efficient — meaning that out of every 100 couples that use anticonception, only 1 or 2 will experience an unwanted pregnancy. But any contraception method will only be this effective if used correctly.

Some people call this 'perfect use.' Correct use of birth control or contraception shows how good a method is at avoiding unplanned pregnancy if the rules of birth control techniques are followed strictly every time the couple has a sexual encounter.

Very few couples know about the use of contraception accurately. In such cases, the contraception method will be less effective. Typical contraceptive use considers correct use and reflects what happens in the real world when considering human lapse. It's always lower than perfect use but more accurately reflects the accurate picture.

For example, all the oral contraceptive pills combined are 99.7% effective when used appropriately. It comes down to approx. 91% with 'typical usage. Some of the reasons for typical usage - and oral contraceptive failure - include:

  • starting the oral contraceptive pill at the wrong time
  • not using a condom properly
  • being late for the next contraceptive injection

How to find the appropriate contraception method

Adapting the correct contraceptive method for you and your partner is essential to avoiding an unplanned pregnancy and preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Various factors that help in deciding the proper method of birth control depend on your age, frequency of intercourse, your requirements, whether you are single or married, and your medical history. For example, suppose a woman is unlikely or unable to simultaneously take a contraceptive or fertility control pill every day. In that case, the contraceptive pill probably isn't for you. After giving it plenty of thought, a vasectomy may be a better choice than condoms if you're a man who is absolutely sure you don't want any more children. (Remember that a vasectomy won't protect you against sexually transmitted diseases, whereas condoms do.)

Both men and women should focus more on their anti-contraceptive options and get one-on-one advice from their doctors to ensure they make informed decisions.

Why choose Queens Gynecology

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