Women in India, at present, experience numerous health complications, the majority of which stem from reproductive health complications. While India is consistently working towards improving its healthcare services, streamlining better access to healthcare for women pan India, there is still a gap regarding awareness surrounding women’s health.

Queen’s Health is an initiative by Queen’s Gynaecology that focuses on imparting education and information surrounding women’s reproductive health to help identify early symptoms, understand complications, and stay on top of one’s physical and emotional well-being.

About Queen’s Gynaecology

Queen’s Gynaecology is a leading centre of excellence in India that focuses on empowering women with immaculate healthcare, especially when it involves their reproductive health.

Headed by Dr Priya Shukla and Dr Ruchi Tandon, Queen’s Gynaecology specialises in providing world-class laparoscopic and cosmetic surgeries to women pan India and internationally.

Since its inception, Queen’s Gynaecology has provided women from all walks of life with a quick and comprehensive diagnosis and tailored treatment for a speedy recovery. The platform addresses concerns related to the gynaecological and sexual well-being of women.

What is the Purpose of Queen’s Health?

Dr Priya Shukla and Dr Ruchi Tandon from Queen’s Gynaecology are passionate about helping women live a carefree and healthy life, despite their reproductive status, location or age.

  • The primary inspiration behind Queen’s Health comes from their vision to create a universal platform that discusses the A-Z regarding Women’s Health. 
  • On Queen’s Health, users can navigate through the platform to clearly understand leading complications that are often subdued and less talked about.
  • From symptom identification to weekly round-ups regarding what’s new in the sphere of women’s health, this platform will be a safe space for every woman who wants better clarity about their body, anatomy, and physiological functions.

Keep an eye out on this space for more updates in the near future! We hope to see you on the flip side.

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