Risk content: Trying to have a term long healthy pregnancy is the vital step towards a healthy birth, and prenatal care is the first step to improving your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Women can begin to follow healthy pregnancy tips even before they get pregnant. This pre-pregnancy care will help them to take steps towards a healthy pregnancy and also help to promote healthy childbirth. It is better to contact the best gynaecologist if you wish to start your family with a preconception counselling visit. The best gynaecologist will ensure safe pregnancy and prenatal care.


Two main phases lead to healthy childbirth one is prenatal care, and another is care during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling and overwhelming experience one can have. Mother has to prepare herself mentally and physically to undergo various changes during the gestation period and requires a high level of attentiveness not only during pregnancy but also before getting pregnant. Professional help from the best gynaecologist for pregnancy care tips can keep you and your baby safe and sound in every situation. You should visit the best gynaecologist before, during, and after pregnancy; health is a priority.

How to prepare for pregnancy?

Prenatal care is a vital part of staying healthy during pregnancy. Your gynaecologist will monitor your future baby’s development and do routine checkups to help you find and prevent possible problems you might face. These regular checkups at the best gynaecology clinic will be the perfect time to learn how to ease discomfort and ask queries about your pregnancy and the birth of your future child. For first-time moms, it is essential to know all about the entire childbirth process.

What are the signs of a healthy pregnancy?

A healthy woman is more likely to have a healthy baby, and taking good care of your body before and during pregnancy is the perfect way to give birth to a healthy baby. If you are pregnant, you should secure good antenatal care and must also keep in mind the signs of healthy pregnancy to take care of yourself and your baby:

  • Keeping track of consistent growth patterns is necessary as good growth and development ensure a healthy pregnancy. It can be done by having regular antenatal care, as in this way, your gynaecologist will track the baby’s development and ensure the growth milestones.
  • Two of the most important things during pregnancy are weight gain and belly growth, ensuring a healthy pregnancy every month. Your gynaecologist will take your weight and measure your belly growth to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • Another crucial thing that indicates healthy pregnancy is the baby’s movements, starting from about five months to 20 weeks. During your pregnancy, after a certain time, you can notice a certain pattern of movement. Your baby will respond to sounds and movement at six months of pregnancy. After seven months of pregnancy, the baby will respond to light, pain or sound too.
  • Another way to measure a healthy pregnancy is your baby’s heartbeat which your gynaecologist will check. The baby’s heartbeat can be heard from the 5th week of pregnancy and will rage about 100 to 160 a minute.

Warning signs of being careful to ensure a healthy pregnancy

However, there are many things to avoid in early pregnancy that every woman should keep in mind. If you experience any of the below-listed warning signs during your pregnancy, then you need to contact your gynaecologist:

  • Reduced movement of the baby

Contact your gynaecologist immediately if you experience a reduction in baby movements during pregnancy. Best gynaecologists recommend a formal fetal movement count, also called kick count. It counts the baby’s kicks during pregnancy and is considered the best way to monitor your baby’s health. Also, to know the movements, your doctor will recommend that the count to 10 method comprises the instruction to pregnant women to count fetal movements simultaneously every day. You must contact your doctor immediately if you experience less than ten movements in two to three hours.

  • Vaginal bleeding

If a pregnant woman experiences any amount of bleeding during the term, also known as vaginal spotting, then they must report it immediately to the gynaecologist. Also, any vaginal discharge, itchiness or strong odour should also be a warning sign.

  • Heartburn or acid reflux

Although, it is normal to experience heartburn and acid reflux during pregnancy, but you must consult your gynaecologist before taking any medication or antacids for a continued term of heartburn and acid reflux.

  • Past history

If you have any history of abdominal pain or cramps, it is vital to report them to your expert gynaecologist.

  • Past weary discharge history

If you have any past excessive watery discharge with or without a pin in your abdomen, then you must discuss it with your gynaecologist.

Tips to stay healthy and make your body ready for pregnancy

If you are thinking about pregnancy and trying to get pregnant, you should take more care of your body to make it ready. Below are some pregnancy tips for first-time moms that they start following at least three months before they start trying :

  • Maintain a healthy weight

One of the essential things you consider is having an average body mass, as it is the key to conception. Women who are underweight or overweight can face fertility issues. You can visit your gynaecologist if you are underweight or overweight and wish to conceive to identify any potential issues.

  • Check nutrient density

Maintaining a healthy weight is necessary but being conscious about the nutrient density of your food is also vital. A well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy is one of the best healthy pregnancy tips you must keep in mind. You can try out many prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant to check what works best for you. Consult your gynaecologist, who will recommend a prescribed prenatal vitamin per your needs.

  • Limit caffeine and alcohol

It is necessary for women who want pregnancy to monitor their alcohol and caffeine intake as they must limit 200 to 300 milligrams per day. Women should also limit alcohol consumption during preconception as it can affect fertility.

  • Start an exercise routine.

Participating in moderate exercise will not only help you to maintain a healthy pregnancy but also help you to conceive as well. If you do high-intensity exercise regularly, you must consult your gynaecologist as you have to change your exercise regime.

  • Quit smoking

Even before you start trying for a baby, it is advisable to quit smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of many health complications like lung cancer, heart disease, and strokes. It can increase women’s infertility risk and make it difficult to conceive. Thus quitting smoking can improve fertility, and the sooner you quit it will be better for you.

11 tips for a safe and healthy pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, taking care of yourself physically and mentally is more vital than ever. However, many things are not in your control during pregnancy, but following some tips can boost your chances of a smooth, safe, healthy pregnancy. The best gynecologist in Delhi helps patients optimize their health before, during, and after pregnancy . 11 pregnancy tips for first-time moms are listed below to ensure a healthy pregnancy:

  • Take prenatal vitamins

Ask your gynecologist which prenatal vitamins are best for you and your baby and how much folic acid and calcium you need. Prenatal vitamins are best to ensure you give your baby the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs. These vitamins play a vital role in the fetus’s vision, bone and brain development. Many women take them before they get pregnant when they try to conceive.

  • Regular exercise

A regular exercise routine is one of the best healthy pregnancy tips that increase your chance of having a vaginal delivery and help you manage the common discomforts of pregnancy. It can aid postpartum recovery too.

  • Educate yourself

It is the pregnancy tip for first-time moms, especially as attending a childbirth class can help them to feel more prepared. It is a chance to learn more about childbirth and infant care and to ask all your queries and concerns.

  • Practice Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are the best exercises done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It helps to prevent the urinary inconvenience that is very common after childbirth. It supports your bladder, uterus, and bowels and makes your delivery easier.

  • Eliminate alcohol and limit caffeine

Pregnant women need to take care during pregnancy; thus, gynecologists recommend they avoid alcohol and limit caffeine intake. Indulging in them can adversely affect a baby’s brain and spinal development. Also, too much caffeine is associated with miscarriages and congenital disabilities.

  • Drink more water

During pregnancy, your blood supplies oxygen and vital nutrients to your baby through the placenta and carries waste and CO2 away. It means that your blood volume increases to handle all this activity, and drinking water is a must to support gain. It can prevent constipation, fatigue, headaches, swelling, and other uncomfortable pregnancy issues.

  • Consume folate-rich foods

Prenatal care involves a well-balanced diet with plenty r of folate-rich foods. You must include foods like fortified cereals, lentils, oranges, orange juice, wheat germ, and asparagus. All this is needed to properly develop the baby’s neural tube, which covers the spinal cord.

  • Fruit filed diet

Not only folate-rich foods, but your diet should also include fruits as your body to fulfill your usage requirements. The natural sugar in fruits like bananas and apples will help you to lift energy levels after you stop taking caffeine.

  • Apply sunscreen

Pregnancy care tips also include the use of sunscreen, as being pregnant makes your skin sensitive to sunlight, and you are more prone to sunburn and chloasma, which sometimes appear on the face. Applying sunscreen can help you with it.

  • Stay clean

Pregnant women must do frequent hand washing to protect them from infections. You can use ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizers to stay clean and safe, and it is the perfect option when you cannot always get to a sink.

  • Get complete rest and avoid stress.

Rest is the key to a healthy pregnancy, which you must not avoid. After delivery, you will have a few moments to rest and thus have at least 8 hours of sleep. Also, you can take sleep naps during the day.

How does Queen’s Gynecology help you to fulfill your dream?


If you are thinking of having a baby, checking with the best gynecologist even before you get pregnant can ensure a healthy start for you and your future baby. An appointment at Queen’s Gynecology, one of the best gynecologists in Delhi, is a great first step toward optimal health for you and your baby. They believe in high-quality maternity care during pregnancy for both mother and child. They also believe in handling pregnancy conditions with care and quality. They have highly experienced, best maternity doctors and obstetricians to handle all types of pregnancy, including high-risk pregnancies. They also offer cost-effective maternity and delivery packages and believe in the well-being of the mother and child.


A pre-pregnancy care checkup is the first step to planning a healthy p[pregnancy and is best to identify things that are vital for you.

When planning a pregnancy, you should try to reach a healthy weight. Being underweight or overweight may cause problems. Talk to the best gynaecologist to know the exact weight.

Regular exercise during pregnancy can offer many benefits. Before doing, you must consult the best gynecologist to get a proper plan.

Some normal side effects of pregnancy include body changes, morning sickness, constipation, mood swings, etc.


The key to protecting the health of your child is to get regular prenatal care, which can be done by contacting the best gynecologist. Having a baby is an exciting time that inspires women to make healthier choices and, if required, work on a healthy body weight. Every pregnant woman should follow many pregnancy care tips, and there are also many things to avoid in early pregnancy that they must keep in mind. Book an appointment at the Queen’s gynecology, one of the best gynecologists in Delhi, to help you out as they offer the best Antenatal care, emphasizing a proper diet plan, maternity exercises like Lamaze classes, etc., for all patients.

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