Motherhood is one of nature’s most beautiful experiences. It’s an act of selflessly nurturing and providing for your children. Protecting them from the harms of the society and helping them grow. Having children changes the lives of two individuals, the mother and the father, in several ways. Not only do they get to pass on their family name but a couple also gets to create a life together, one that they get to share and bond over. Although right now everything is different as the world is going through tough times due to the pandemic but how does this have an effect on the parents?

Pregnancy in 2020 Pandemic – CORONA Virus

With the ambiguity in the environment and the limited knowledge about the Corona virus, most pregnant couples right now in the year 2020 are in the need of reassurance that their journey would go well and everyone would remain healthy. We’re scared to even step out of our homes in today’s times, so we can only imagine the fear in the minds of those bringing in a new life on this planet.

Pregnancy is a fragile period for both the mother and the child, making it a scary experience for the couples who are expecting amidst this pandemic times. It is hard and there’s no doubt in that. Everything from the ease of running to the store to cure cravings to the level of medical attention and facilities required during pregnancy has drastically changed in today’s time. Not just that, having a positive outlook and taking care of your mental health while locked inside your homes is all-the-more difficult. That being said, childbirth does not wait for the pandemic to ease. Measures are being taken and life is being brought into the world even during these tough times. 

But it’s happening, all around the world, people are finding out they’re pregnant and are giving birth. And if looked at from an optimistic lens, it’s actually one of the few good things, the creation of life, happening in comparison to what the situation around the globe is otherwise. COVID has accelerated the pace of technological innovations to make health care remotely available.

Thinking About Pregnancy in 2020?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of anxiety and mixed emotions in normal times, but during a pandemic, these emotions are at their peak. Couples who are mulling a pregnancy should definitely consider waiting till after the pandemic is over. The healthcare systems worldwide are too burdened at the moment to be able to provide the facilities, attention and care that are needed during a pregnancy. Doctors are preoccupied with the rapid inflow of infected patients and hence may or may not be able to give the right amount of time to a pregnant woman. Other than that, as doctors are dealing with infected patients, they are at a higher risk of being carriers of the Corona virus, making it a risk to even go in for regular check-ups.

Advice For To Be Mothers in 2020

However, women who are pregnant amidst COVID 19 lockdown and are expecting to give birth during the pandemic have been constantly taking several precautions so that they make sure their newborn is safe. Even though studies say that pregnant women aren’t more susceptible to the Corona Virus, the lack of the exact nature of the virus is an indication for all the pregnant women to stay safe at home.

Regarding At-Home Delivery

When we recently met some of the pregnant couples, they asked whether they can consider for at-home delivery considering the vulnerability of the Corona Virus (COVID19), we strongly suggested them not to think of that. Founders of Queen’s Gynecology and expert gynecologist in South Delhi Dr. Priya Shukla and Dr. Ruchi Tandon said – “It’s always better to have hospital delivery to prevent complications arising during and after delivery and to provide expert neonatal care to newborn baby , lack of which can be risky for baby well-being. Dr. Ruchi kapur and Dr. Priya Shukla are Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon and Cosmetic Gynecologist (Max Smart Super Specialty, Apollo Spectra, Apollo Cradle Royale Hospitals).

According to our best maternity Doctors in South Delhi, taking strict hygiene measures during and after the birth is extremely important to avoid any chance of transmission to the infant. A mother with COVID19 symptoms is temporarily separated from the newborn to avoid exposing it to the virus.

Post Natal in a Pandemic

Another important aspect after the birth is breastfeeding. According to studies, breast milk is the best nutrition for most newborn and infants. It protects the baby against several illnesses. It is determined okay to breastfeed even if you have been exposed to the virus. However, making sure the necessary precautions are being taken is a must. This includes washing your hands thoroughly before breastfeeding and wearing a mask when in close contact with the newborn.

As mentioned earlier, gynecological studies indicate that pregnant women aren’t more susceptible to the Corona virus. Although, after the delivery, it isn’t advisable for the mother or the newborn to have too many visitors. With the strain that a mother’s body goes through, it is naturally weaker than its usual self which makes interacting with others right after pregnancy a risk. As for the newborn, it takes time for an infant or a newborn baby to develop an immune system and it is best if social distancing, like in all other situations, is also practiced after birth.

A pandemic like COVID19 might slow the world down but it will not stop it from functioning the way it does. With the right mindset, right facts on hand and the correct precautions, people can get through anything even a pregnancy with this deadly virus around.

Kashmera Hazra

Kashmera Hazra

Kashmera Hazra is an engineer turned writer. She is an alumnus of the prestigious university Birla institute of technology, Mesra, and has several international journals and research papers in her name. She worked as a content writer with HealthKart and has over six years of experience in this field.

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