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Endometriosis Treatment In Noida

When tissue resembling your normal uterine lining develops in other regions of your body, it's called endometriosis. This tissue can develop in the incorrect areas and generate painful symptoms that might interfere with your day-to-day activities. Some endometriosis patients experience difficulties becoming pregnant.

The lining within the uterus is called the endometrium. You lose this tissue while you go through your menstrual cycle. Tissue similar to the endometrial lining, forms on other organs or tissues, in case of endometriosis. This tissue may proliferate in your chest, pelvis, or abdomen. Because of its sensitivity to hormones, this tissue could develop inflammation throughout your period of menstruation. The endometrial-like tissue patches may result in scar tissue, adhesions, deeper nodules, surface lesions, and ovarian cysts.

Grades Of Endometriosis

Four phases or grades are commonly used to categorise endometriosis in order to assess the degree and complexity of the illness. 

Stage I (Minimal): Tiny lesions or superficial endometrial implants are discovered in this first phase. Scarring is often minor and the presence of tissue is negligible.

Stage II (Mild): Greater invasion and more widespread lesions are characteristics of Stage II. Despite this, the implants are tiny, and there could be only little scars.

Stage III (Moderate): This stage is characterised by deeper implants, bigger lesions, and more noticeable scarring, impacting the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

The most advanced stage, known as Stage IV (Severe), is characterised by widespread endometrial implants that may affect more than one pelvic organ. Adhesions and severe scarring are frequent, and they frequently cause problems with reproduction.

The degree of endometriosis affects the treatment options; mild cases are often managed with medication, while severe cases might require surgery.

Lab Tests and Prices Of Endometriosis Tests In Noida

Endometriosis diagnostics in Noida frequently include medical tests and imaging studies. The list of common tests for endometriosis follows, in addition to an estimation of the price,

Endometriosis Test

Price Range (INR)

Transvaginal Ultrasound

1,000 - 2,500

CA-125 Blood Test

500 - 2,000

Pelvic MRI

5,000 - 10,000


30,000 - 1,50,000 or more

Keep in mind that these figures might vary depending on the specific healthcare facility, the location, and any other testing or treatments that could be necessary. Contacting a healthcare expert is the best option if you want more precise cost estimates.

Benefits Of Endometriosis Treatment At Queen's Gynecology

Treatment for endometriosis at Queen's Gynaecology provides a number of important advantages:

  • Comprehensive endometriosis treatment at Queen's Gynaecology can significantly bring respite from the excruciating and unpleasant symptoms of endometriosis.
  • The focused care provided by Queen's Gynaecology can deal with endometrial implants and scars, which may enhance fertility and increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.
  • By managing the disease's progression early on, endometriosis can be stopped from spreading to other tissues and organs.
  • A relief in physical symptoms can also have a favourable effect on mental health by lowering anxiety and stress typically observed in endometriosis.
  • We at Queen's Gynaecology are committed to maintaining the health of affected organs, particularly in situations of severe endometriosis when tissue function might be in danger. 

Treatment Available For Endometriosis

The target of endometriosis treatment is to lessen symptoms and to control as well as reduce the rate of advancement. The degree of symptoms, the goal for reproduction, and personal interests all play a role in the treatment plan selection. Common treatment methods include:

For mild and moderate cases, nonprescription pain medications such as Ibuprofen can help.

Hormone patches, IUDs with hormone release, as well as contraceptive pills, can all manage your periods, which lowers discomfort and slows the development of endometrial tissue.

By removing cysts, scarring, and endometrial implants, surgical procedures that are minimally invasive can reduce discomfort and increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

Invasive abdominal surgical procedures can be required in extreme circumstances for removing firmly implanted tissue.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF), one of the assisted reproductive technologies, may be explored in circumstances when endometriosis inhibits fertility.

Endometriosis treatment is very individualised, and the optimal strategy is determined by the particular requirements and objectives of the patient. Getting advice from a healthcare professional is essential to creating a successful treatment strategy.

Aftercare Recovery

In order for people who have had surgical treatments or interventions to recuperate and be healthy, aftercare recuperation is essential. It includes a variety of procedures and assistance programmes intended to guarantee a quick and effective recovery. Key components of aftercare rehabilitation include the following:

It's essential to stick to your doctor's prescription in order to control pain, avoid infections, and get the most out of your therapy.

Taking good care of the incisions is essential to your healing process. Keep an eye out for any infection symptoms.

Sustaining a balanced diet is crucial for fostering recovery and general well-being. Based on your individual medical treatment, you might need to make dietary modifications.

Increasing the amount of suitable physical exercise in your daily life slowly can help you heal and lower the risk of problems like clotting of blood and muscle loss.

Keep all of your subsequent appointments with your doctors. This will keep a check on your progress and possible treatment modifications.

Follow lifestyle modifications, such as giving up smoking or learning stress-reduction exercises. This supports healthy healing.

Keep in mind that your particular medical treatment and demands should be taken into account while planning your aftercare recovery. It's essential to get the best treatment results and lower the possibility of any issues as you recuperate.

Best Doctors For Endometriosis In Noida

Medical professionals with exceptional training and empathy who specialise in endometriosis therapy may be found in Noida, India. Renowned gynaecologists and endometriosis experts, Drs. Ruchi Tandon and Priya Shukla of Queen's Gynaecology, are well-known for their proficiency in identifying and treating this illness. They have an extensive history of successfully assisting many women in getting respite from painful symptoms of endometriosis, by integrating medical expertise with a patient-centred philosophy. They are committed to offering personalised treatment programmes and comfort. They are the top endometriosis physicians in Noida because of their stellar reputation for skill and commitment to patient care, which gives women the support and encouragement they need to take the next step towards better health.

 Cost Of Endometriosis Treatment In Noida

Endometriosis Treatment

Price Range (INR)

Monthly Medications

500 - 2,000

Laparoscopic Surgery

30,000 - 1,50,000

Hormone Treatment

Cost dependent on particular drugs

Diagnostic Tests

Costs vary as per tests

The entire cost is completely customised, based on the unique requirements of the patient and the treatment strategy that their physician recommends. The availability of insurance for health care may also impact additional expenses. For a more precise cost estimate that is customised for each case, speaking with a medical professional is advised.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Endometriosis Treatment In Noida

Numerous factors determine the overall prices associated with endometriosis treatment in Noida. It is crucial for anyone pursuing therapy to comprehend these elements. These are the main points to remember:

  • The cost is mostly determined by the particular treatment strategy, which may include hormone therapy, laparoscopic surgery, medicine, or a combination of these. Medication is typically less costly than surgical treatments.
  • Treatment complexity is influenced by the degree and extent of endometriosis. Costs may increase in more complex instances if more diagnostic tests and treatments are needed.
  • One of the main factors influencing cost disparities is the healthcare facility selection. The cost of private facilities or specialised centres may be higher
  • The total cost of the procedure may vary depending on the qualifications and expertise of the treating physician.
  • Continued medicine, follow-up exams, and tests for diagnosis may raise the overall expense.
  • The amount of personal costs associated with treating endometriosis might be considerably decreased depending on insurance coverage for health care.

People may efficiently plan for their treatment for endometriosis and make educated selections by being aware of such aspects. Speaking with a healthcare professional might help you get a more precise cost estimate that is customised for your situation.

Why Choose Queen's Gynecology For Endometriosis Treatment In Noida

Queen's Gynaecology in Noida is a highly recommended option for the treatment of endometriosis. Under the direction of the renowned Drs. Ruchi Tandon and Priya Shukla, gynaecologists and endometriosis experts, this medical centre blends a wealth of knowledge with a kind demeanour. Drs. Ruchi Tandon and Priya Shukla have a long record of successfully treating many endometriosis patients

Queen's Gynaecology is unique because of its patient-centred methodology. They provide individualised treatment regimens and are aware of the psychological and physical difficulties that endometriosis may present, making sure that each patient gets the finest care possible for their particular situation. The clinic provides a wide variety of treatments, from medicine to laparoscopic surgery, and is outfitted with cutting-edge treatment equipment.

Queen's Gynaecology is a leading option in Noida, with an image based on positive results for patients a dedication to medical quality and a comprehensive strategy to endometriosis therapy.


1. Can a Gynaecologist treat endometriosis?

Indeed, gynaecologists are the specialists of medical professionals who identify and manage endometriosis. They can provide medication or surgical treatments depending on the case to deal with the symptoms and root causes, and they have experience treating this illness.

2. How much does the treatment of endometriosis cost in India?

The type of therapy needed, the hospital, the physician's fees, as well as the intricacy of the ailment can all affect the expense of treatment for endometriosis in India. In general, the cost of therapy might vary and will be less for medicines and clinic procedures and higher for sophisticated surgical methods like laparoscopy. Both personal characteristics and the particular treatment strategy that the healthcare professional recommends have an impact on the costs.

3. What is the best doctor to see for endometriosis?

The ideal professional to see for diagnosing and treating endometriosis is a gynaecologist, particularly one with expertise in reproduction health and endometriosis care. In certain instances, there may be a need to consult with a minimally invasive surgical specialist or a reproductive endocrinologist.

4. Is endometriosis surgery safe?

Unlike open surgery, endometriosis surgery—especially minimally invasive techniques such as laparoscopy—is usually safer, has fewer risks, and requires a shorter healing period. All procedures, meanwhile, have some degree of risk, and the surgeon's skill and the patient's condition ultimately determine how safe the treatment is. It is imperative that you and your physician talk about the possible risks and advantages.

5. How long does it take to have endometriosis surgery?

Given the particular operation and the intricacy of the situation, the length of endometriosis surgery might vary. Laparoscopic procedures, including preparation for surgery and following recuperation, may frequently be finished in a few hours. Longer surgery times may be necessary in more complicated instances.

6. Is a hospital stay required for endometriosis treatment?

Treatment for endometriosis may often be completed as an outpatient procedure, particularly when it involves laparoscopic surgery. Nonetheless, a brief hospital stay may be necessary for postoperative monitoring and continued observation to manage recuperations in certain complicated situations or surgical procedures. A stay in the hospital may be required, depending on the particular treatment programme and the patient's condition.

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