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When you wish to start your family, your fatherhood journey begins from that moment itself. You will be filled with many emotions with a new baby on the way. As you are preparing for fatherhood you will come with mixed emotions of joy, fear, etc., soon-to-be dad. The expert at Queens Gyenecology suggest, focus on practical stuff, but mentally preparing is also equally important.

Being a father is an incredible and special role as modern-day fathers also take tips on how to prepare to be dad. The truth is that there is no single formula to prepare for parenthood, as there will always be. Preparing for fatherhood can be covered in more than just the top 10 responsibilities of a father, as the list is unlimited. It includes relational work, like investing in your partner, and practical work, like stocking up on baby supplies. As you welcome your baby, remember that flexibility will be essential. You and your newborn baby will learn together. Fatherhood is not just a journey and not a responsibility or a title; there is no end to being a father, and there is no end goal to reach to attain a goal; it is an adventurous journey. The responsibilities of raising a child are enormous and are also rewarding. Nine important tips for dad to be 

It is not just for mothers; fathers need time to know how to prepare to be dads. Coming to terms with the duties and responsibilities of caring for a child can be stressful. Preparing yourself in advance will reduce the task and make it seem manageable. Fatherhood can be a joy if you get ready in advance. To be a great father, you must be well-versed in parenting and childcare. You need to know what to expect when your baby arrives, the duties of the husband during pregnancy, and how to handle the new challenges of fatherhood. It is very much important for a dad to educate themselves. 

Below are 9 tips that are vital for dad to be : 

  • Being supportive

Start your involvement by giving support before and after your child is born. It is best to extend all your support during childbirth automatically you will be involved in your day-to-day caregiving. Always go with your partner to attend antenatal appointments and read self-help articles to find out how to meet their caregiving.

  • Prepare your mind for a change 

The most vital thing is to be mentally prepared for the upcoming changes. Fatherhood starts when you realize that you are about to have a baby, and from that moment, you need to prepare yourself. Understand that your life will change, and things will become hectic as you will be responsible for the newborn.

  • Focus on your health

Before the arrival of your newborn, it is good for you to focus on your health. It will be for the betterment of you and your loved ones. If you smoke, stop smoking as exposure to smoke during pregnancy. Eating well is also necessary as it will work as fuel for your body later on in the days of your new parenthood journey.

  • Acknowledge that your sex life will change 

Being parents will change many things in your life, including your sex life. You will be filled with many emotions when you know your partner is expecting. It is best to have open communication with your partner, as sex after pregnancy takes time. The time needed will depend on physical changes and healing after labor and childbirth. Communicate with your partner in terms of their and your own needs when it comes to intimacy and sex.

  • Share responsibilities

Not only in the pregnancy phase but also after the arrival of your newborn, share responsibilities. It is easy for dads to feel left out post-delivery in the early days during the time of breastfeeding. Help your partner with diaper changing, giving baths, reading to your baby, bottle feeding, and many other things.

  • Manage your work and life balance 

It is also vital for you to manage your work life, which is a big struggle for parents. Pregnancy for dads is the time for them to prepare themselves and, since then, plan on their schedules. When you are ready to be a dad, you may benefit from some changes to your work-life balance. Arrange timings before your baby arrives. Also, find out if your workplace provides parental leave for non-birthing parents.

  • Make childcare plans 

Newborns need round-the-clock supervision. It is best to plan out who will spend the time with the baby, like if one parent will stay home or look for daycare centers, etc., Also, consider your budget will be planned out while accommodating a new family member. It will help ensure your family remains financially healthy.

  • Be aware of your emotions during the postpartum phase

Post delivery for about six weeks is a postpartum period, and your partner will both accurately feel the lifestyle difference. You and your partner may also feel postpartum depression signs that can develop in both fathers and mothers. So it is good to open your communication lines after delivery and you will automatically know how to be a great father.

  • Celebrate the milestones 

With time, many celebrations pass, like baby showers, and as a father, you are also part of these, like a mother. Indulging yourself in these will give you the same excitement as the expectant mother and make you consider it hosting. Also, take pictures during pregnancy, which will help capture your life’s memorable moments. 


Fatherhood is not just a responsibility, as there is no end to being a dad and no end goal you have to accomplish as it is a journey filled with adventure. Raising a child has many responsibilities, but they are also rewarding. Preparing for fatherhood will also help you understand and learn many valuable life lessons. If you are struggling with your role as a father and searching for ways to be a great father, the above-listed ways can help you with these. 


  1. What should fathers do during pregnancy?

There are many things that fathers can and must do to support their partner through pregnancy, as they have an essential role to play. 

  • Encourage your partner to eat and stay healthy.
  • Start cooking to help her avoid cooking meals during pregnancy.
  • Stay calm and support your partner.
  • Go with your partner at every prenatal visit.
  • Stay close to your partner emotionally, as it is needed during pregnancy.
  1. How are fathers affected by pregnancy?

Fathers can also go through many emotions during pregnancy, including excitement, fear, anxiety,  and joy. Fathers also feel a sense of pride and responsibility as they prepare to become parents. They may also strongly connect with their partner and the growing baby. Also, their partner’s and baby’s health can be a source of concern.

  1. What is the best way to prepare for fatherhood?

Expectant fathers can begin preparing for fatherhood by 

  • Educating themselves
  • Attending prenatal classes
  • Supporting their partner
  • Financial planning
  • Work-life balance
  • Parental responsibility
  • Self-care
  1. How does one become a first-time father?

A person becomes a first-time father when he starts experiencing new emotions, when they are ready for a   role change and development, and when they have insight and understanding of children and a deeper understanding of self.

Kashmera Hazra

Kashmera Hazra

Kashmera Hazra is an engineer turned writer. She is an alumnus of the prestigious university Birla institute of technology, Mesra, and has several international journals and research papers in her name. She worked as a content writer with HealthKart and has over six years of experience in this field.

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