Mini laparoscopy is a scarless surgery where multiple small 3mm incisions are made into the patient’s abdomen. The objective of mini laparoscopy is to ensure faster recovery with less tissue injury. The indications are the same as conventional laparoscopy, patient selection is important to each case.

Our story

We at Queen’s Gynecology are happy to present our first mini- laparoscopy done in July, 2019 at Max Smart Superspeciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi.

An adolescent girl presented with bilateral endometriomas and severe pain, not relieved by medical management. Patient was reluctant to undergo surgery for last 6 months for fear of surgical scars despite fainting attacks because of severe dysmenorrhea.

We attempted a “single port mini-laparoscopic scarless surgery” for ovarian cyst ablation and adhesiolysis using special instruments. Post procedure, patient recovery was quick, the question she asked us in recovery was, “did you do my surgery, coz I can’t feel anything?!”

Mini laparoscopy is a technique, which requires special instruments, technique and skill, patient selection is also mandatory. It is scarless with quicker recovery compared to conventional laparoscopy techniques.

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