Bacterial Vaginosis

Risk Content: A normal bacteria can grow excessively over time in your vagina and cause bacterial imbalance. This gives rise to an infection called Bacterial Vaginosis or BV. A perfect dose of antibiotics can treat this vaginal disease quickly. You can get a vaginal discharge with a fishy smell. Usually, BV symptoms show that this discharge is grey or off-white. It is indeed an unusual phenomenon and requires immediate medical attention. The situation happens when the “harmful” bacteria overgrows more than the “good” bacteria, creating an overall imbalance. Whenever you face such issues, connect with a health service provider and get the appropriate advice. Book your appointment with QUEEN’s gynaecology for timely treatment that can prevent BV infection. 

Defining Bacterial Vaginosis More Clearly

Bacterial Vaginosis is a vaginal infection leading to serious pain afterward. There is no age limitation for this disease. Any female can get this infection at any stage. Moreover, the BV symptoms are not very unnatural. Your vaginal discharge will be of a greyish colour if you are suffering from this disease. Such an infection arises due to the bacterial imbalance in the vagina. During the growing stage, a girl’s hormones undergo many changes.

Furthermore, they start becoming very active sexually. This is indeed a crucial stage where the risk of getting BV is the highest. Douching or unprotected sexual interactions are often the primary causes of such a disease.

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Symptoms of BV At A Glance

The Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms are not very prominent in most cases. Moreover, this applies to more than 84% of the people getting this disease. Still, the common signs of Bacterial Vaginosis can be enlisted as under;-

  • Post-sex vaginal discharge with a fishy odour
  • Burning feeling after urination
  • Coloured vaginal discharge of grey, green, or off-white
  • Itching or Irritation in the vagina

These are not quite common and are often the signs of getting any vaginal infection. Therefore, determine the disease quickly by making an appointment with a reputed gynaecologist. You must learn about the infections as soon as possible to start the treatment at the earliest.

When should you go to a medical expert For BV? 

When you get a vaginal bacterial infection, it is crucial to go for a doctor’s help immediately. However, it does not mean you must visit a specialist whenever your vaginal area is itching. A meeting is necessary when you are suffering badly. Here we depict some of the essential points you must consider for consulting a medical expert at QUEEN’s gynaecologist in BV infection.

  • Having sex with a different partner or partners. Often, vaginitis symptoms are the same as sexually transmitted diseases. So, quick medication is essential.
  • Discomfort in the vagina after having sex and unusual vaginal discharge
  • Yeast infection can be your idea about your condition. However, some other symptoms become prominent even after you take some remedies for the same.
  • The smell of your discharge is very different, often “fishy.”

If you have any of the above signs, visit the doctor immediately.

Risk Factors Associated With Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal douching can be the most considerable risk for any kind of infection in the vagina. It is a sensitive region and requires good care. There are several risk factors connected with BV. If you want to stay protected from this disease, please be aware of all these risks.

Multiple sex partners: Indeed, Bacterial Vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease. Still, it has a connection with intercourse. Moreover, many instances have proved that people having unprotected sex or intercourse with multiple partners tend to get this infection more than others. The risks are very high when both partners are females.

Excessive smoking: Another factor giving rise to BV symptoms is excessive smoking. Cigarettes are, of course, not suitable for health, especially for women. So, if you smoke too much, it can harm your reproductive organs. As a result, BV can also take place.

Vaginal Douching: There is no need to clean or rinse or vagina with soap or water. The process is called douching and may lead to anaerobic bacteria overgrowth within the vagina. It can cause various problems due to the imbalance created. Hence, Bacterial Vaginosis will have enough chances to affect your body.

Antibiotic usage: The history of taking antibiotics can be a cause for BV. You must go for regular checkups even after the antibiotic dose is over.

Insertion of Intrauterine Device: Often, the insertion of the intrauterine device can cause damage to some vaginal tissues. Hence, it affects the vaginal bacteria leading to infections like BV.

Lack of Lactobacilli Bacteria: Bacterial Vaginosis can develop naturally when there is a lack of lactobacilli production in your vagina. 

These factors can make the infection take a severe turn if you do not get quick treatment. Hence, ensure that you take the necessary precautions to prevent Bacterial Vaginosis.

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BV Causes For Faster Remedies

One of the primary BV causes is a bacterial imbalance in the vagina. Vaginal flora is the cluster of bacteria formed inside your genitals. Furthermore, it is responsible for a healthy vagina and protects it from external harm. Lactobacilli is the good bacteria found more in number than the bad ones. However, when the harmful anaerobic bacteria outnumber the good ones, the balance gets hampered. This causes BV, making you suffer from pain and discomfort.

How to know that you are suffering from BV?

You get to know that you have BV when the typical BV symptoms become prominent. The primary Bacterial Vaginosis causes must be identified to find out whether you are a victim of this disease. A reputed gynaecologist at QUEEN’s Gynecology can quickly determine the signs and begin your medication accordingly. Share your medical history correctly to avoid any complications afterward. Moreover, you must be specific about any sexually transmitted disease.

The ways to detect Bacterial Vaginosis are as follows;-

  • Test of vaginal discharge sample

The health service provider will take your vaginal discharge sample to understand the bacterial formation. Furthermore, this process includes the insertion of a speculum into the vagina. A sample of the vaginal fluid will be taken using this method.

  • Whiff Test

This is a process of examination of your vaginal discharge with the help of a glass slide. After collecting the sample, it is tested under a microscope.

  • Vaginal Ph

The presence of BV indicates that your vaginal Ph level is high. With the help of this test, you can find out the acidic level of the vaginal fluid.

  • Pelvic Exam

This can be a little painful as the doctor will place the hands inside your private area to detect the infection. It is a must to wear gloves for the specialist while taking this test. BV is certainly present if there is a foul smell or greyish vaginal discharge.

Bacterial Vaginosis Leading To Complications

The complications are not very serious due to the presence of BV. However, you must take all the precautions for a healthy life. Although these situations are rare, you still should be aware of the chances of a crisis.

The complications affecting your organs after getting BV can be as under;-

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: PID or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can be one of the risks that you can get after BV. Moreover, the chances of infertility exist if you do not take proper steps. The overgrowth of harmful bacteria can adversely affect the uterus and fallopian tube.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The risk of being infected by an STI is very high when you have Bacterial Vaginosis. It makes your vaginal tract weak leading to severe complicated infections. Moreover, you become vulnerable and tend to pass the disease to your partner.
  • Problems in Pregnancy: One of the significant complications of BV is problematic pregnancy. You may face multiple issues while conceiving. It can also lead to complications during childbirth. The symptoms of BV become a red alert leading to premature delivery or low birth weight. You should consult with the doctor regarding the appropriate treatment at this stage.
  • Surgical Infections: Your vagina may undergo surgeries for diseases like curettage, hysterectomy, etc. However, the risks of infections in the post-surgical period are often more in persons affected by Bacterial Vaginosis.

Hence, you should be cautious about Bacterial Vaginosis discharge and take medical help immediately. Avoiding complications, especially during pregnancy, is essential to lead a happy life.

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Precautions and Treatments for BV


Regular checkups combined with proper treatment are necessary for curing vaginal infections like BV. Therefore, you must not take it lightly when having a vaginal discharge with a foul smell or unusual colour. Visit QUEEN’s gynaecology and take immediate medications with proper advice. Follow all of them without failing to recover from such a disease.

The provider usually prescribes a cream or a gel to apply inside your vagina. These are antibiotics like clindamycin or metronidazole. You must stop the course abruptly just because you are feeling normal. Complete the entire course per the instructions and return to the doctor for further examination. Sudden disruption can enhance the risks significantly. Apart from the gels, the gynae can also give medicines in the form of pills.

Precautions for PID

You must try to prevent the infection of BV first instead of taking the medications afterward. Although, sometimes it becomes uncontrollable, try to take the protection as much as possible. Here are three simple suggestions that you can try to prevent vaginal diseases.

  • Safe Sex: The first step to avoiding any vaginal infection is safe intercourse. Of course, BV has nothing to do with sex. However, unprotected sex leaves your vagina open to many bacteria. When the harmful bacteria increase at a rapid pace than the good bacteria, the imbalance is created. Hence, you should avoid getting physical with multiple partners. Furthermore, ensure that all the sex toys are clean and dirt-free. Please also give the same suggestions to your partner, as the disease can flow from one person to another. Dental dams or latex condoms are the best ways for happy and protected sex.
  • Avoid Products with Fragrances: Most people find it very exciting to use scented products while having sex. However, doctors’ reports say these are not good for vaginal health. The heavy use of these products can stir up the vaginal tissues excessively. So, washing the private parts well after such usage is recommendable. You must take care of the vagina to avoid the bacteria harming the internal parts. 
  • Say No to Douching: Douching is common for females to keep the vagina clean. However, washing and rinsing may adversely affect the sensitive channel. Please use tampons and warm water for cleaning purposes. Avoiding douching can decrease the risk of BV significantly.

How to lower the effects of Bacterial Vaginosis?

Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis may not be possible entirely. You can still follow the experts’ instructions and take some precautionary measures. However, even after observing all the precautions, you may be infected by this disease. Therefore, you should know how to lower the effects to protect your vagina from more serious conditions.

The tips for lowering the BV conditions are;-

  • Wear cotton underwear

Your underwear plays a lead role in protecting your vagina. Therefore, ensure to wear only cotton materials to avoid any harmful reactions in this area. Other materials cannot properly restrict moisture, so they are prone to forming bacteria.

  • Avoid sex with multiple partners

Please limit the number of partners to have sex with. By observing such activities, you can be at a high risk of having BV.

  • Be careful about the articles getting in contact with the vagina

Please avoid contact with any article already used for the anus with your vagina. Often, the bacteria can transfer to your vagina from the toilet paper or your excretory products.

  • Good Quality Condoms

Being unprotected is a massive threat to your vagina. Therefore, to avoid that, go for latex condoms. You may also use dental dams, as the medical experts suggest.

Maintaining a clean vagina can prevent the occurrence of BV highly. However, if you doubt the symptoms, please see a doctor immediately.

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The Support Of Queen’s Gynaecology in Treating BV

Queen’s Gynecology gives all-time support to patients going through severe gynecological troubles. Moreover, it has intensive care for critical pregnant patients. The experts will prescribe adequate medication for vaginal problems, sexually transmitted disorders, and other issues with the reproductive organs. If you are having vaginal discharge with a foul smell, come to the specialists today. You have every medium to get fully recovered over here.

End Note

Bacterial Vaginosis can turn serious when you are casual about it. A mild infection can expose your reproductive organs to several other diseases. Therefore, keeping a watch on your vaginal discharge is essential for a healthy sex life. Pain and foul odor of discharge can be the prominent symptoms of BV. When you notice any of these signs, without a second thought, meet a doctor. Regular checkups and proper intake of antibiotics can resolve the issue soon. Please use protection while having sex, as unprotected intercourse often leads to severe infections. The bacteria can travel through your vagina, damaging the uterus or fallopian tube.


Is a pregnant woman more prone to get BV?

Yes. The reports of most doctors say that the chances of BV are high during pregnancies. The percentage of such conditions is over 25% of the population. The primary reason for this infection can be rapid hormonal changes, surgeries, or the medication taken during the period.

Does the vagina burn or swell in the case of BV?

Yes. There are high possibilities that your vagina gives a burning or itching sensation. Moreover, it can also smell or swell badly. You should go for a doctor in such cases as they are the primary signs of betting BV.

How much is the chance to get BV repeatedly?

You can get Bacterial Vaginosis multiple times even after you take the treatments timely. Specialists have observed that around 80% of the population suffer from this infection more than once. So, you must be ready to check with a doctor if you get the symptoms once again in your lifetime.

What is the duration for BV to last?

BV cannot last forever. You can get it multiple times, but one course of antibiotics will eliminate the germ every time you have it. Generally, the course is for seven days. However, more than 10% to 15% of the patients tend to go for another round. Proper consultation is important when you get BV.

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