VDRL Test During Pregnancy_ Purpose, Procedure, and Results

VDRL Full Form

Risk content: The full form of VDRL is “Venereal Disease Research Laboratory“. It is a blood test that is done to detect syphilis and measures antibodies or proteins that the body produces in response to the bacteria Syphilis. Your doctor might recommend a VDRL test if a patient has any sign or symptom of sexually transmitted diseases, i.e., STDs, and it is a routine and important part of prenatal care during pregnancy. The test is sensitive as well as specific and has a high accuracy rate, and results vary based on the stage of syphilis infection. The test is vital during pregnancy as if left untreated, syphilis during pregnancy can have harmful health implications on both mother and baby and can also lead to stillbirth and miscarriage; if you are seeking the best gynecologist, then visit QUEEN’S GYNECOLOGY, the best clinics in Delhi that believes in high-quality maternity care during pregnancy for both the mother and the fetus. 

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VDRL test – An overview

VDRL test in full form is Venereal Disease Research Laboratory and is a blood test that is done to detect the antibodies produced by the body in response to the bacteria that causes syphilis. The test is vital during pregnancy and is often included in routine prenatal care by an expert gynecologist to detect syphilis infection. Syphilis is a STD i.e. sexually transmitted disease that can pose serious complications for the mother and the fetus, including stillbirth. The condition can be asymptomatic, and the infected person will not show any symptoms, and that is why the testing is done during pregnancy. VDRL test in pregnancy is crucial as it can help doctors detect the infection and treat it on time, reducing the risk of complications for both the mother and her unborn baby. Syphilis is an STI and is caused by the transmission of a virus through sexual contact through blood transfusions or else from mother to baby during pregnancy or delivery. 

Risk of Untreated Syphilis during pregnancy and purpose of VDRL test 

Untreated VDRL can be harmful during pregnancy for both mother and child. It can lead to many complications, including miscarriage, neonatal death, and childbirth. Also, newborn babies with syphilis infection can experience many severe health issues like neurological problems, blindness, and developmental delays. It is vital to take a VDRL blood test so that diagnosis and treatment can help you prevent the adverse effects. Prevention is the key to avoiding the risk of having syphilis during pregnancy, and for this, regular prenatal care and testing for STIs can help identify doctors with the infection and treat syphilis early on, which ultimately reduces the risk of complications. The VDRL test price varies from the lab you choose to get it done.  The main purpose of the VDRL test : 

  • Doctors recommend a VDRL test to track the effectiveness of syphilis treatment. 
  • The test helps in determining people who have syphilis but have not yet experienced symptoms, which is vital for stopping the spread of the infection. 
  • Doctors may occasionally use tests to know additional illnesses like autoimmune diseases or some specific cancers. 
  • Doctors recommend the test to those who are more prone to syphilis infection, including people having multiple sexual partners, males who have the same sex, and individuals using intravenous drugs. 
  • Doctors recommend a VDRL test in pregnancy for syphilis. 

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VDRL test procedure 

VDRL test, meaning a  blood test done by drawing blood from a vein at the crease of the elbow or back of the hand. This blood sample is then sent to the laboratory and tested for the antibodies that are produced owing to syphilis infection. The test does not require you to fast or stop taking any kind of medication. Also, there are no restrictions on what you eat or drink before the test. If the doctor wants any specific restrictions to be followed before he tests, you will be told in advance. In many cases, doctors also recommend spinal fluid tests in addition to blood tests, as diseases like syphilis may spread into the brain as well. 

Results of the VDRL test 

The VDRL test during pregnancy is a screening test and not a diagnostic test. If the test results are positive, you must need further testing to confirm the diagnosis. The results of the VDRL blood test are reported as either nonreactive, i.e., negative, or reactive, i.e., positive. The VDRL test positive means the presence of antibodies owing to present or past infection with syphilis. If the test report is reactive, the doctor will recommend additional testing like FTA-abs and TPHA, which will be required to confirm the diagnosis and to know the exact stage of the infection. Negative or nonreactive test results indicate that there are no syphilis antibodies present in the blood sample.

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VDRL meaning is now clear to everyone as it is a blood test used to determine the presence of antibodies to syphilis-causing bacteria. If you receive a positive VDRL test result during pregnancy, then your doctor will likely recommend treating you with antibiotics to treat the infection.  VDRL tests in pregnancy make it possible to detect and treat syphilis early and can prevent potential complications for the baby. It is crucial for pregnant women who test positive for VDRL to perceive instant and appropriate treatment to protect the health of both. The best gynecologist at QUEEN’S GYNECOLOGY in Delhi knows how to take care of women during pregnancy and what vital tests need to be done to protect both the mother and the fetus. Schedule your appointment today to enjoy the best motherhood experience. 


Is the VDRL test painful?

It is a simple blood test that is not painful; however, some people may experience mild needle pain or discomfort at the sight of insertion. This usually heals on its own and is not a cause for concern.

How much time does it take to get the VDRL blood test results?

It takes about a few days to get the test results; however, it also depends upon the laboratory you choose to get the test done.

What does a false positive in a  VDRL test mean?

VDRL test can also give a false positive result as it can indicate the presence of antibodies, but there is no infection present. This is because of some medical conditions or people who have recently been vaccinated. 

What is the best way to prevent syphilis during pregnancy?

The best way is to avoid having unprotected sex. Also, it is vital to have regular screening for STIs, including syphilis.

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