Vaginal Rejuvenation

Risk content: Vaginal rejuvenation is a form of vaginal tightening treatment to combat the changes due to childbirth, aging, or menopause in women. Women undergo many physical changes, especially during childbirth, menopause, and aging. These changes also are in the vagina, and many are uncomfortable asking about that. Queen’s gynecology is for you to help you with the vaginal tightening procedure. The procedure is done to tighten the outside, inside, or both areas of the vagina to achieve a youthful appearance and feel the whole new area. Laser treatment for vaginal tightening at the Queen’s gynecology is a great alternative for those who wish for a less invasive way for vaginal rejuvenation to get rid of vaginal laxity. If you are looking for the best gyne clinic where vaginoplasty surgery is safe, affordable, and confidential at the same time, then Consult with our expert gynecologists at Queen’s Gynecology to understand the entire vaginoplasty treatment can benefit your life and undergo the vaginal tightening treatment.

Vaginal laxity – frustration for both partners

Vaginal laxity is a condition faced by women in which the vaginal walls become loose and stretched due to childbirth, menopause, or aging. It can cause many issues with sexual intercourse, sexual function, urinary incontinence, and pelvic prolapse. In many cases, it becomes a barrier between sexual sensation and the player, which is frustrating for both partners. If you are concerned about this condition and cannot talk about it, then you must visit Queen’s gynecology for a solution. Vaginal laxity occurs when the tissues are stretched during vaginal deliveries or due to aging, leading to lubricant loss in the vaginal area; however, there are many ways to improve the situation. Causes of vaginal laxity: 

  • Childbirth – is one of the most common causes of vaginal laxity, as pushing the baby through the vagina stretches and damages the pelvic muscles that lead to it. 
  • Aging – is another major cause that makes tissues lose elasticity and laxity.
  • Underlying medical conditions: Many health conditions can also cause laxity, like Marfan syndrome.
  • Vaginal trauma: An injury to the vagina or insertion of large devices can overstretch the muscles and cause looseness.
  • Menopause – women during menopause complain about vaginal looseness due to a reduction in estrogen level and need vaginal tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation – an effective cosmetic surgery that is ideal for candidates

If you have considered having a vaginal rejuvenation procedure to get a better-toned, much more attractive, and better-functioning vagina”, then book your appointment at Queen’s gynecology for vaginal cosmetic Surgery, as it is a group of cosmetic procedures that are growing in popularity nowadays. Vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginoplasty, is a procedure of vaginal reconstruction that aims to tighten up a vagina that becomes loose due to childbirth, menopause, aging, or injury. It is a broad term that describes many vaginal corrective procedures that many women look to improve the vaginal looseness caused by many reasons. It is the best way to improve the conditions and restore the look and function of their vagina. Ideal candidates for invasive or non-invasive vaginal reconstructive Surgery are in good health. They have a realistic as well as a positive mindset about the procedure they are interested in having. Vaginoplasty is considered as the most affordable as well as a safe treatment for vaginal laxity. It is a daycare surgery process, and the outcomes can be seen immediately. If you are seeking treatment to tighten your vagina, you may contact Queen’s Gynecology to get all details about the procedure. 

Vaginal rejuvenation – addresses common issues

Women who desire to return to have a better quality of life and those who experience certain conditions choose to have the treatment. People opt for vaginal tightening treatment to address many common conditions linked with childbirth and menopause, including lack of lubrication, looseness, and loss of sexual intimacy. The treatment is very effective for those who want to get rid of 

  • Loose skin around the vagina
  • Leaking urine while sneezing, laughing, jumping, etc.
  • Cannot hold urine
  • Excess dryness
  • Painful sex
  • Decreased libido
  • loss of sexual satisfaction
  • Loss of sensation
  •  Low self-esteem

About vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty – vaginal procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation is what more and more women are choosing, and that is because of the benefits they are getting to know about vaginal reconstruction that makes it possible. Queen’s gynecology has expert, qualified and well-experienced surgeons in vaginal surgeries who provide complete counseling on the procedures and benefits as well. In many cases, due to a few medical complications like hormonal imbalances, women suffer from loss of vaginal shape, structure, and elasticity. Because of that, they start experiencing discomfort and displeasure in physical intimacy. In a few cases, they also get apprehensive about relationships too. Nowadays, two major effective vaginal tightening procedures are involved in vaginal rejuvenation, which offers a chance for women to change their lives for the better. These are 

  1. Vaginoplasty 

It is a vaginal cosmetic surgery that focuses on tightening the internal walls and the openings of the vagina to improve its structure and elasticity. It is done to add firmness for better sensations and friction during intercourse. Women feel pain and discomfort due to the loss of internal walls and vaginal muscles become lax during activities involving a vagina. The procedure is done to tighten the vaginal tissues, which increases friction and sensation during sexual intercourse. This vaginal Surgery improves many conditions like gas noises from the vagina during sex, tampons falling out of the vagina, and stress continence due to loose vagina tissues. Ideal candidates for vaginoplasty, an inner surgical vaginal rejuvenation option, are women who experience vaginal looseness, sagging, after childbirth, weight loss, and natural aging. In most cases, candidates have experienced vaginal laxity and decreased sexual satisfaction, along with bladder control issues and problems wearing a tampon during their period because of a loose vagina. 

  1. Labiaplasty 

It is another vaginal reconstructive surgery that works on the outer appearance of the vagina, known as labia or vaginal lips. It works on the external vaginal perineum as, in many cases, women cause embarrassment when long labia minora interfere with exercise or intercourse and cause problems while wearing certain clothes like leggings or jeans. During the procedure, the labia are sculpted to attain a smaller size and greater symmetry and also improve the appearance of the labia. The procedure is done to solve many issues like : 

  •  Irritation during sexual intercourse
  • Pinching during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort during any physical activity or sitting for a long time 
  • Budge from labia while wearing tight clothes
  • Multi-directional urine stream

Ideal candidates for Labiaplasty or outer vaginal rejuvenation surgery or else non-surgical vaginal procedures are those who have physical discomfort or else pain due to enlarged or elongated lips, which can be because of chafing, pulling, or rubbing against clothing. Other candidates are those who feel emotional discomfort and dissatisfaction with the appearance of their vaginal.

Vaginal rejuvenation – The Procedure

Vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginoplasty, is a  vaginal reconstructive surgery that rejuvenates the vaginal area. During this process, the vaginal canal, mucous membrane, and other vulvovaginal parts of the uterus are treated with reconstructive plastic Surgery and cosmetic procedures by experienced surgeons. The primary objective of vaginoplasty is to tighten up a vagina that has become loose because of vaginal childbirth, menopause, or aging. Vagina rejuvenation surgery comprises not only the internal muscles but also the skin and tissue that surrounds them. The procedure of vaginal rejuvenation depends upon the type of Surgery. First best vaginoplasty surgeon in Delhi to discuss your symptoms and your expectations after Surgery. Most vaginal surgeries last two hours but depend upon factors like the level of work, procedure, and the methods the surgeon uses.

 The Surgery is scheduled so that you can get maximum time for your vaginal muscles to heal before your next menstrual cycle. The experienced doctor conducts a complete physical examination to evaluate your condition and also discusses with patients what to expect from the Surgery. The procedure is generally done under general anesthesia in an outpatient facility.

  • Firstly the surgeon will make an incision on your vulva or vagina and the surrounding tissues and muscles. The location varies and depends on the Surgery.
  • Finally, they close the incision with dissolving stitches and will give your prescribed post-operative instructions.
  • You may be allowed to use ice packs and pain relievers for discomfort and to avoid sexual activities. 

During the vaginal tightening procedure, patients won’t experience any pain because they will be given a general anesthetic. Following the Surgery, the pain will mostly be associated with soreness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising. The pain you can expect would mostly be dull pain and discomfort. Overall, the best cosmetic surgeon usually recommends time to relax and take the proper time to make it easy as you heal. Sleep and rest are the best things you must do to pace up your vaginoplasty recovery phase. If the swelling causes discomfort, you can manage the soreness with an ice pack and by taking any medications prescribed by your surgeon.

Recovery after vaginal rejuvenation

Patients can recover after vaginal tightening surgery after about six weeks. Patients can walk immediately after Surgery and move around once after wearing off the anesthesia. After 24 to 48 hours of Surgery, they can reduce their pain by using ice packs over the incisions and will also be prescribed pain education by the best surgeon in Delhi. They can resume normal activities like work after about a week of rest. They must avoid strenuous physical activities like running, jumping, and lifting for at least 72 hours or longer. Patients may be instructed to avoid sexual activity, wear tampons, swim, and go to the hot tub for at least six weeks after Surgery. They also have to avoid vaginal touch in any way too. While the vaginoplasty healing process varies and depends from case to case. You can expect to need time off work, along with a break from fitness routines, and even to put a pause on your sex life. Overall, vaginal reconstruction has a high satisfaction rate, as it helps many women to build confidence and also helps them to address medical complications that occur from either trauma, genetics, or age. 

Healing after vaginal rejuvenation surgery

You have to give proper time to heal fully after the vaginal tightening procedure; your gynecologist will give you the best advice. Recommendations given by them should be prioritized over other methods. Also, you will be given medicines to manage pain symptoms. You can also do some basic things to mang pain and speed up your recovery. Wear comfortable clothes, loose dresses, and flowy pants. Also, keep the area clean during recovery to avoid any infection. After your body has healed from the Surgery, you will get refreshed, confident, and have the desired results. At Queen’s gynecology, specialists are highly trained professionals who will help you through this recovery process.

How does the Queen’s gynecology help to treat vaginal laxity?

Vaginal rejuvenation is the best procedure to restore your confidence if you’ve lost it due to vaginal discomfort or self-consciousness about your appearance. One of the most common concerns for many women is that after childbirth, there can be a loss of sexual pleasure and desire. Vaginal rejuvenation is the best option, and a vaginal tightening procedure that restores stronger orgasms, sexual satisfaction, and self-confidence to lead a higher quality of life. Queen’s Gynecology has a team of trained cosmetic gynecologists for vaginal laxity and rejuvenation treatment. Our procedures are painless OPD-based and provide instantaneous relief, especially from vaginal soreness. We believe in improving our patient’s quality of life with the latest and recommended techniques. Feminine rejuvenation cost, along with the cost of Vaginal Laxity, in Delhi, depends on various factors like the experience of the cosmetic gynecologist, medical facilities available in the clinic, safety procedures followed, types of services availed by the patient medical test performed before the treatment and Surgery, existing complications of the patient, current health condition and many other. 


Vaginal reconstruction procedures are known to reverse detrimental physiological changes in the vaginal wall, vaginal canal, perineum, as well as pelvic floor. It is the best way to enhance or else to correct the physical appearance of an abnormal, deformed, or injured vaginal area. Women who wish to have tighter vaginal muscles to enhance sexual pleasure and restore moisture and also wish to improve the appearance of the vagina can go for this procedure. This cosmetic Surgery offers many benefits and can greatly improve a woman’s physical, emotional, and sexual health. Queen’s Gynaecology feminine rejuvenation cost is affordable and can offer several important benefits for many women, along with a relatively short and uncomplicated recovery time.


1. What are some common symptoms of women who seek vaginal rejuvenation?

Some common symptoms are decreased friction and sensation during intercourse. Feeling of a wider or loose vagina, tampons falling out, gas noises coming from your vagina during sex, and vaginal opening.

2. Will vaginal tightening procedures enhance sex life?

Vaginal tightness help to improve muscle tightness and appearance and also boosts confidence. Each of these is among the vital factors in enhancing sex life. It gives increased friction and sensation during sex and also helps you to enjoy sex better.

3. What is the vaginal rejuvenation cost?

The cost may vary depending on the treatment. Many factors contribute to the entire cost of your treatment. Every patient pays a different amount for vaginoplasty, as each has its own set of requirements and expectations.

4. Does the tightening Surgery leave any scars?

No. The best surgeons use dissolvable sutures that get absorbed and disappear in about a week following the surgery. Also, the expert and skilled surgeons at Queen’s gynecology ensure that there are no scars after Surgery.

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